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Jinlong Jixie Group

Jinlong evaporation, create green engineering, to provide you with professional evaporation crystallization system solutions!


—— Anhui Jinlong Evaporation and Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd

—— Anhui Jinlong Jixie Co., Ltd

—— Nanjing Jinlong Jixie Technology Co., Ltd

—— Nanjing Jinlong Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd

—— Anhui Jinlong Pump and Valve Co., Ltd

—— Tianchang Jinlong Biological Engineering Technology Co., LTD

Jinlong Jixie Group was established in 1998, which specializes in producing various types of evaporation, concentration and crystallization equipments, and provids overall process design and turnkey-projects such as complete equipment production, manufacturing, installation, debugging, and training for these equipments. The Groups headquarters and R&D center are located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, and its production base is located in Tianchang city- which is the east gate of Anhui Province. The company has a modern manufacturing base and after-sales service center, and its products are mainly used in environmental and high salt wastewater treatment, biological fermentation, lithium new energy battery, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, steel, electricity, metallurgy, food industries and other fields......More

  • 2004Experience in evaporative crystallization industry began in 2004
  • 500+More than 500 customer cases
  • 5000+Sales and R&D center more than 5000 square meters
  • 100+More than 100 installation and after-sales service personnel

Jinlong core competitiveness


Technology and R&D

Nearly 20 years of experience in evaporative crystallization industry

The group has been deeply involved in the evaporation crystallization industry for nearly 20 years, and has nearly 100 professional and technical personnel such as senior engineers and engineers. With 5000+ square meters of sales and research and development center, with several foreign senior experts and senior engineers in various industries, and with a number of well-known universities and professors joint research topics, self-built laboratories, pilot equipment. Jinlong is equipped with a water quality testing laboratory, which can perform simple chemical analysis of raw materials, detect the evaporation crystallization state of evaporating materials, boiling point temperature rise, PH, COD, viscosity and other physical characteristics of raw materials and condensed water, and customize solutions to meet customers\\\' individual needs.


Production equipment

The company has more than 60,000 square meters of production base

The company has 60,000 + square meters of production base, equipped with various CNC machine tools, plasma automatic cutting machine, automatic polishing machine, column type plasma automatic welding machine, automatic tube plate welding machine.Technical experts are directly involved in the production to ensure the stability, reliability and foolproof of products.


Project experience

Well-known domestic groups are our strategic partners

At present, Hunan Yuleng, Huayou Cobalt, Guizhou Yayou, Longboa Baililian, China Nuclear Titanium White, Zhongshan Chemical Group, Wanshan Chemical Group, Caike Chemical Group, COFCO Group, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Federal Pharmaceutical, Zhucheng Xingmao, Xiwang Group and other well-known domestic group companies have become strategic partners of Jinlong Machinery Group. The group has the right to import and export products, products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.



PLC, DCS automatic control, three-dimensional design

Our evaporation concentration system, from control scheme design, selection, programming to installation and commissioning to provide customers with turnkey projects, has fully realized the automatic control of the system. Golden Dragon uses advanced 3D design software to present the full picture of the project after implementation in the design stage.


Read the case of Jinlong Jixie Group


Business partner

  • 呈和科技
  • 北元集團
  • 彩克化學(xué)
  • 誠信化工
  • 池州西恩
  • 大地云天
  • 豐元鋰能
  • 蜂巢能源
  • 后羿集團
  • 湖南裕能

Jinlong News

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