C O M P A N Y I N T R O D U C T I O N

      Jinlong Jixie Group


      Jinlong Jixie Group was established in 1998, which specializes in producing various types of evaporation, concentration and crystallization equipments, and provids overall process design and turnkey-projects such as complete equipment production, manufacturing, installation, debugging, and training for these equipments. The Group headquarters and R&D center are located in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, and its production base is located in Tianchang city- which is the east gate of Anhui Province. The company has a modern manufacturing base and after-sales service center, and its products are mainly used in environmental and high salt wastewater treatment, biological fermentation, lithium new energy battery, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, steel, electricity, metallurgy, food industries and other fields.

      The group is a national high-tech enterprise with a registered capital of 100.8 million Yuan and more than 260 employees, including more than 30 engineering professionals. The enterprise has D1 and D2 production qualifications for pressure vessels and has passed system certifications such as ISO9001-2008 quality management, ISO14000 environmental management, ISO18000 occupational health and safety management, and has passed the CE and NB certification. Relying on the strong and advanced R&D strength of scientific research institutions such as Hefei University of Technology and Nanjing Tech University, the company has always been conducting joint development tests of new products and new technologies, carrying out industrialization cooperation, and is committed to developing high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly products. At present, the following well-known domestic group companies are the strategic partners of Jinlong Jixie Group: Hunan Yuneng, Huayou Cobalt, Guizhou Yayou, Lomon Billions, CNNC Titanium Dioxide, Zhongshan Chemical Group, Wanshan Chemical Group, Caike Chemical Group, COFCO Group, CSPC, United Laboratories, Zhucheng Xingmao, Xiwang Group, etc. With the self-support import and export rights, the products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

      C O R P O R A T E C U L T U R E


      • 金龍愿景:成為中國蒸發(fā)濃縮行業(yè)的繼承者。
      • 金龍使命:持續改進(jìn)、勇于創(chuàng )新、爭創(chuàng )前進(jìn)。
      • 金龍價(jià)值觀(guān):為客戶(hù)創(chuàng )造價(jià)值、同員工共同發(fā)展,與時(shí)代共同進(jìn)步。

      J I N L O N G H O N O R


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